Thursday, November 02, 2006

election day and rachel corrie

so, the other day, i like went to see "my name is rachel corrie"? because, like, she was my friend? she was just like me! and all she wanted was to help palestinian kids from the jewish holocaust? yeah, the only jewish holocaust is the one where the jews kill our muslim sisters and brothers in palestine and lesbanon! and, like, anyway, rachel was, like murdered by jews? and, like, i was so fucking pissed because, like, that's when i was discovering i was, like, bi? and now, i, like, won't ever get a chance to do it with rachel? fuck you, jews!

and don't u call me a racist cuz, listen, i care, ok? i care about the environment! i care about people! i care about the whole fucking earth! and i don't want a bunch of jews destroying my planet? so fuck you, i'm, like, such NOT a racist?

so i'm gonna be thinking about rachel when i go to the voting booth, and i'm gonna vote against anyone who's, like, jewish? yeah, even if the jews are socialists and for world revolution, i don't care! fuck you, jews! i'm just gonna write in my candidate, like maybe with a magic marker or some shit like that? i'll, like, fucking tag the machine? mumia for president! an' if there's any other race besides president, then fuck you, i'm writin' that in too! for vice-president, i'm voting for the ayatollah? cuz, like, that's what rachel would have wanted? ha ha i'll fucking smear my menstrual blood on the fucking voting machine! rachel woulda done that 2!

u better vote! i fucking hate people who don't vote? they're like, soooooooo selfish? and, like, you have no right to complain about anything if you don't vote? like my mom got upset when my boyfriend took some cash out of her dresser? and I was all like, fuck you mom! you didn't vote, so you've got no right to complain! i mean, like, she voted, like, a looooooong time ago for nixon instead of castro, so she had no right to complain about how amerikkka is so fucking fascist? so she says it's like, her, fucking money and my boyfriend has to keep his fucking fingers out of her property? and i tell her to keep her fucking fingers out of her own ass because, mom, you are such a dumb fucking cunt, don't you know that, like, no one owns anything? i mean, what kind of shit is that? how can you fucking "own" anything?

so my mom told me to get a job, and i was like, i'm a grad student? i'm getting a fucking phd? i don't have time to work cuz i gotta do thinking instead? yeah, i spit on my mom and told her to give me more money! like, mom? fuck you? i told her that i didn't ask to be born? and now i want to kill myself because of her? so she's gotta pay me! she owes me! and she's like all upset and i'm like so totally whatEVER! like, fuck you, mom!

besides, when mumia becomes president, no one's gonna need to work any more! bush is such a cheap fucking jew that he never gives money to anyone? but a president like mumia would give us a lot of money and shit! fuck me, i'll never have to work! as if i would work anyway? like, since when would a phd need to work? like, duh? but the president should give everyone lots of money so we could, like, party all the time? no money for jews, though! they'll just use it to kill muslims! besides, they got enough money anyway.

now i gotta vomit cuz bush makes me sick.

or maybe it was that yellow shit i ate in the dumpster last night? i thought it was, like, tofu? fuck me, it really was yellow shit! if i throw it up and eat it again, that makes me a closed ecosystem!

like, just die already?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kathy;

You don't happen to go under the name of Ti-guy or Bill et al on My Blah NDP blog, do you? It is so similar that I find it almost spooky.

Perhaps they are Prof Kurgman's students as well.