Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i hate jews

so, like, i said those very words at the protest against population? and, like, some people thought that i said i hate shoes! and that is like so totally not so? like, even at the protest i was wearing a new pair that i bought over the weekend? yeah, i own more shoes than bush has brain cells! that's pretty funny. like, i'm really funny when i get high? but i always owned lots of shoes. when i was a teenager, I filled my entire wardrobe by shoplifting? fuck the corporate state! the fucking shoes were mine! i had a whole fucking closet full of them and my mom was like, all, "where the fuck did you get all those fucking shoes?" and i was so totally, like, fuck you mom, you dumb cunt? you're part of the fucking problem? i wish i was dead because of you?

yeah, i was listening to president nasarallah of lebanon or palestine or WHATEVER, and he is like so WOW brainy? he hates the fucking jews because they're, like, doing a genocide to his people? i mean, like, i always walk around wearing a keffiyeh in solidarity with the palestinian people? when you see me wearing that, i'm saying: fuck you, jew! i, like so wish i was a palestinian? but my fucking parents had to be white and so i am, like, really white? but my blood is socialist, i figured that out in biology class. yeah, fuck me, i've got good socialist blood. yeah, dick cheney, maybe you would like my socialist menstrual blood tossed in your face like the way you torture the palestinians in guantanamo? yeah, i smeared menstrual blood on my dissertation in solidarity with the islamic community? because they are, like, humiliated by american and zionist nazis? every day?

i mean, i used to have jewish friends until i figured them out. jews, like, own wal-mart? and coke? and mcdonalds? and citibank? like, every fucking oppressive fascistic corporate rapist is a jew? i'll bet bush is a jew! i mean, his jewish daughters are, like, so fucking stupid? did you ever see how ugly their shoes are?

i hate those jews! i hate those shoes!

just, so totally fuck you?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

i want to have michael moore’s baby

like the first time I saw a picture of michael moore? i was in the abortion clinic again, and I was like reading some magazine and shit and I saw his picture and I said that this guy, is like, really beautiful? and i knew that I would, like, keep his baby?

yeah, fuck you, because, you know, if, like, you have a problem with my getting an abortion, you can like slap your dick off or something. i mean, men are just like so fucked up and shit, and like loreena bobbit? you go girl?

me and my friends? we would, like, find pregnant women on the streets and like, bribe them with food stamps to get an abortion? and, like, some of them are like so fucked up that they end up pumping out more babies to make the planet even dirtier?

so I, like, know a lot about medicine and that’s why I, like really respect markos moutsasis or like whatever his name is? he, like hurt himself real bad? probably fighting some republican trying to hump him? (like, i’m not a homophobe, so don’t start any shit with me ‘cause i’ll belt your fucking balls off.)

anyway, so, like he’s seeing this really progressive doctor and kos and the doctor are both really smart and shit (like me), and, like, read this:

thanks to everyone who send in suggestions for my tendonitis. I've got a great doctor (per local reviews), and he's prescribed an aggressive treatment of physical therapy to strengthen my wrist muscles, accupuncture, and drugs to reduce inflamation. If in six weeks I see no progress, then we'll reassess.

and I am also so into accupuncture! and like, his doctor? probably has a phd too? and, like, I also spell accupuncture with 2 “c”s, and, like, I also spell inflammation with one “m”?

like, i must have had, like, a million abortions by accupuncture? and even when i was like 12 fucking years old, i would, like, get pregnant to piss off my mom? like, fuck her? i would recycle my accupuncture needles in her fucking sofa because my parents were so fucking booshwa?

anyway, u just know that anyone who uses accupuncture for an inflamation? like knows everything on how to solve every fucking problem in the world? like war-mongering zionists? and dead black people in new orleans? and how to make president amaduner--- WHATEVER! and the other iraqi people us more?

i’m going to hold a fucking sit-in at the citibank atm machines tomorrow to like, unionize them? fuck you, labor is back, and we’re gonna kick your white ass! i, like so fucking hate being white? I just want to die?

fuck off.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

hi and shit

i'm getting my phd and i am like so ashamed of it? it's like, an american phd, and i would, like, die for a degree in europe? like, women have it really hard in america because of racist bush and white people, and i just wish i wasn't white, like i sometimes want to be dead instead of having the same color as bush and george washingon and whats-his-first-name slaveowning jefferson?

and if you think i've got, like, nothing better to do on saturday night, well, just go fuck yourself. cuz if u thnk u know more than a phd candidate, then i'll show you what a cunt i can be. like, go to hell?