Saturday, August 26, 2006

hi and shit

i'm getting my phd and i am like so ashamed of it? it's like, an american phd, and i would, like, die for a degree in europe? like, women have it really hard in america because of racist bush and white people, and i just wish i wasn't white, like i sometimes want to be dead instead of having the same color as bush and george washingon and whats-his-first-name slaveowning jefferson?

and if you think i've got, like, nothing better to do on saturday night, well, just go fuck yourself. cuz if u thnk u know more than a phd candidate, then i'll show you what a cunt i can be. like, go to hell?


BHCh said...

Yey! Well; I'll be off to follow your advice, Kathy.

BHCh said...

I tagged Prof Kurgman:

Prof has taken a Sabbatical. Perhaps you could fill in for him?