Wednesday, December 13, 2006

my scientific inquiry on the holocaust

my scientific inquiry on the holocaust

by kathy

this is, like, my paper on the holocaust and i hope that my brothers and sisters in iran, like president ahmadinejad and doctor duke will consider it.

i don’t like jews for a lot of reasons, like, because they lie a lot. so if a jew says something, it’s a lie! so if they said that there was a holocaust, then that means there wasn’t a holocaust. so, that’s the proof!

but I need to write more because this is an academic paper and it counts towards my phd. and i don’t want to be cheap with words. that’s what the cheap jews do!

so, what is the holocaust? the holocaust happened a long time ago. i mean, if it happened at all. you know, it didn’t really happen, but i’m writing about how it would have happened if it did happen! you know, like oj’s book. he was so framed by white people! but he went on to write about what how he did what he didn’t do – and I’m writing about how the holocaust happened, though it didn’t happen.

so, it was a long long time ago, like maybe 1970 or something – when the jews were being, like REAL pains in the ass of europe, and until I wrote that last sentence, i didn’t even know that europe HAD an ass. but Europe HAS TO have an ass because the jews were such pains in it. they were like european hemorrhoids. eurohoids!

and the holocaust was like preparation-h to get rid of the eurohoids. (not that i would know about preparation-h. that’s the kind of shit my dumb-ass grandparents use!)

so the europeans said to the jews: “look jews, please stop being mean to us and saying hurtful things to us and eating animal meat, ok?” and that’s it! that’s the whole holocaust, if it happened.

and after that so-called “holocaust”, the jews then started murdering palestinian babies to drink their blood for their holiday rituals. and then they would sit in their zionist jewish centers tearing the raw flesh of palestinian babies with their devil-claws while plotting to destroy the whole world with their network of world slavery and global capitalism. like, redundant? slavery and capitalism? jew and imperialist murderer?

so science once again proves that the holocaust didn’t happen and that the jews are a bunch of trouble-fucks.

this was the best fucking paper! awesome!