Wednesday, September 06, 2006

rumsfeld jerks off on Q'uran

i, like, didn't believe this at first because it is, like, he is so old? and his jewish dick is, you know, probably so gross? but, like, a picture of it was put on the front page of the new york times? or, at least, that's what my friends told me? i mean, i've got a lot of friends? and they send me all sorts of shit? like, look at this proof of what bush is doing? i have, like, so many friends that i don't, like, even know all of them? but i am like so fuck you today because my friends say to me, like, kathy, you are, like, so much smarter than that wonkette bitch? and i'm like, all, fuck wonkette? like, she's a friend too, but fuck my friends? i mean, even if i lost half of my friends, i would still have more friends than you or anyone else? and if you have fewer friends than me, like, go fuck yourself, because i don't even speak to people that don't have enough friends?

like, i really hate religion, ok? fuck the pope! but you don't disrespect Islam by jerking off on their holy book! it's where i draw the line? i mean, Islam is the real deal? and if you don't like it, you're a racist? like my parents? i told them, like, why don't you convert to Islam, but they are, like, so racist that they won't even, like, consider it? like, fuck them? so, like, fuck me, i'm gonna be a muslim someday because it's, like, the only place where wimwyn get respect? and, like, where there's no war? fuck war! i hate war! you want a war, you gotta fucking deal with me! i fucking march in the fucking streets to, like, stop wars? but bush just wants war and just wants war and it's like war war war against the people of color and lesbians and just fuck all of you? yeah, you fucking stop my peace march an' amerikai'll fucking kick your nuts in!

it's like the time i kicked my dad in the nuts? i was, like, eleven years old? and he, like, said some racist shit about how everyone should get a job, and i was, like, dad? pow! i kicked him the fucking nuts! yeah, like, show your jelly balls to your kkk buddies now, you fucking white pig!

fuck off.


BHCh said...


I am your No 1 fan. However you have a lot of competition in the acadimic world and you need to work even harder.

Check out this painting presenting sad realities of today's world. The article by Eric Margolis, which is linked in the same site also deserves your attention.

Anonymous said...

Why? Are we like? Always? talking like? this?