Friday, September 08, 2006

iranian prez rocks!

the iranian president or ex-president, or WHATEVER, khatami, is speaking? at my school? that is, like, so cool! i mean, iran sounds like such a cool place? and president khatami? would be, like, such a good replacement for fuckface bush?

i heard that before i was born? like, the c-i-a attacked the iranian students? in the embassy? but the iranians students don't take no shit! they kicked the cia's asses up and down the streets, and, like, beat the shit out of them? like, why can't america have a peace movement like that?

and, like, do you think the black wymyn in me comes out when i say "don't take no shit"? my friends say that, like, we all came from africa a long time ago? and, like, in africa, everyone, like, speaks, like, "i ain't doin' that shit"? and, like, i respect that because i'm african too? so fuck you white man! I ain't takin' your shit!

and president khatami hates white people too because, he's like, a person of color, and he says things like, "i ain't doin' shit for the cia"? i mean, my friends are all, like, fuck bush? and khatami is, like, all fuck bush? so, like maybe america should just become part of iran? i mean, fuck me, when part of america wanted to become part of iran in, like, 1860 or 1960 or WHATEVER, they fought a fucking civil war over it! yeah, and that's when malcolm x said, like, we ain't takin' this shit, and then some white guy like shot some black guy, and, like... like... like...history is, like, so boring? i mean, how fucking irrelevant! we've got a fucking revolution to win and the fuckheads talk about history! like, people who talk about history, are, like, so old? fuck you! i ain't takin no shit from old people! fuck you and fuck your history! my generation, like, knows everything? so we don't need your history? fuck everything before i was born!

yeah, my fucking parents are old, and i don't take no shit from them either! fuck them! i mean, my dad looks like an even bigger asshole next to khatami? i wish khatami was my dad! i'll bet khatami married someone better than my dumb cunt of a mom! like, fuck you mom? fuck you! fuck both of you! i mean, like, i am so fucking sick of u telling me shit like how u paid for my education? i mean, like, u fucking owed it to me! an' if you weren't such a cheap pair of asswipes? u would b sending me more money? instead of, like, paying your booshwah medical bills? fuck both of you!

i mean, like, i still want to be fucked? by a muslim? and, like, since arafat is dead, khatami would be my fucking dream come true? i'm gonna watch him talk an' it'll be, like, a pretend fuck? i'm gonna make it happen!

just fuck off and die.


BHCh said...

Pass him a kiss from me when you see him at the uni :-)

Red Tulips said...

I want you to know that I feel enriched and enlightened from reading your post. Thank you for such beautiful words!