Thursday, May 08, 2008

Obama for President

i, like, um, you know, so..

oh shit let me start again, like how the fuck do i even erase this shit?

like, i am so getting, like, really angry? because, like, anyone who thinks obama shouldn't be president is like soooo racist? i mean, like, there isn't even anything to think about here because, like, every one of my friends is, like, voting for obama?

he's like, so, like, you know, whatever!!!

i mean, if i'm getting my phd, then i sure as fuck know what i'm talking abot. about. is there a spel checker on this think thing>?

he's like, a black man? you thnk i havent slept with a black man? well fuck you, i have, like, you know, hate you fucking racists! i probably, like, aborted maybe five black kids and shit by now.

hillary is, like, a woman? so that, like, qualifies her? but she is so fuckihng old!! like that white man mcain! and like my parents! mccain is, like, older than my dad? and my dad is pretty plenty old!

i told him, dad, when you go to a nursing home, i'm gonna kick your fucking wheelchair down the fucking stairs because U MAKE ME SO FUCKING ANGRIY!!! ha ha see if your president bush will help you then, you fucking war whore!!

ha ha i threw a used tampon at my mom because she don't, like,, join me at code pink protests? look who's got blood on thier fucking hands now!! i never throw out my used tampoons because, like, professor kurgman says that's bad for the enviroment>? dad got a used tampon in his fucking breakfast cereal! and then i put one up his fucking nose whikle he was asleep? like, fuck you mom and dad? youre WAR MONGERS!!!

so maybe i should try to get obama to fuck me? cool! he don't have no phd, so he ought to like me and shit! an i can talk like a blak wymen to him and shit!

and, like, his priest or minister or whoever that guy is? cool! he sticks it to the fucking white people! i hate white people so much!! they, like, made colonies and shit in, like, wherever? and they like make slaves out of black people like obama and his minister>?

i was, like, so happy when the black people flew the airplaines into the world trade center? that's showing who the slaves are now! fucking dick cheney! i hate him so fucking much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! obama is gonna kick some ass! he is so, like, one of us?

if u don't like obama, then don't even speak to me...cuz u have nothing 2 tell me!! maybe i'll kick your white balls up your nose if you dis obama!

my mom and dad sooooooooo fucking owe me?

i wish i was dead!!

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